I got my subject on Tuesday and I did some basic search searches on acorns.
I extracted a few points of interest from this information. These points can provide inspiration for my video content. Regarding the form of the video, I want to use 3D software because I prefer 3D technology. Since the actual production time is short, I have to design the script carefully to avoid being unable to complete it.
I got stuck on the plot and narration on Thursday. Professor Maria gave me some inspiration, so I started modeling the acorn on Friday.

Technical problem

The difficulty of modeling lies in the production of acorn material. I hope to use Substance Design to accomplish this challenging job. This is perhaps the most difficult part of my entire project. I hope I can use this opportunity to learn more about Substance Designer. I plan to use Substance Painter to make the final material for the acorn and render it in UE4. The final product will be composed in aftereffect.

There were also some issues with the modeling process, but fortunately, I solved them on Friday. Since it was a bit harder to unwarp the UVs for the acorns, I used Unfold 3D instead of Maya. It took me a while to get used to the new version of Unfold 3D.

After that, I tested in Substance Painter and determined that the lower part of the acorn basically meets the needs.


I had a discussion with my friends on Friday night. He gave me two useful ideas, but after my own evaluation, I found that these two ideas could not be implemented due to time. I also gave up my original idea because of a lack of creativity.

On Saturday I designed a new storyboard and completed a draft of the narration. I want to use the information collected for comparison. And create a little contradiction to add fun.

Inspiring source material

  1. Acorns were once a staple food but replaced by grains and are now considered unimportant food.
  2. A symbol of strength and potential, it was also a Nordic and Celtic symbol of fertility and immortality.
  3. Acorns are also considered to be a lucky symbol, representing prosperity, youthfulness, power and spiritual growth. Therefore, acorns are popular and beautiful symbols used in jewelry and keepsakes.

Draft of narration

Thousand years ago

Acorn feeds humanity

In famine

Acorn saves people

Acorn symbolizes potential and fortunate

But unfortunately, it is rarely mentioned today

Saturday night, I modified the narration with the help of a friend who is more familiar with English.

2nd Draft of narration

Thousand years ago

Acorn feeds human

During famine

Acorn saves people

Acorn is a symbol of lucky

But unfortunately, it is rarely mentioned today

Current question

I don’t know how to write English poems, so I ’m going to ask some people to modify my narration. In addition, the core technical issues have not yet been studied. Further research is needed to determine the required digital asset production difficulty.

At present, the storyboard needs to be determined before starting the production of related digital assets, so the production difficulty cannot be too high to avoid delay.

Next steps

  1. Determine the storyboard.
  2. Learn Substance Designer and complete 3D acorn and its materials.