Weekly progress 1/23

AR cloud anchors

It seems that my research direction is basically feasible, so I started my research this weekend. I encountered some difficulties in the first step. I started to study the sample project of AR cloud anchor based on the old version of UE4.21 but I cannot open the sample project correctly. At the same time, no available tutorials were found on Youtube. I may need to rethink which engine should be used to solve these problems. UE4 seems to be a bit cumbersome in handling such lightweight AR apps. I tried to use these google services directly in my project according to the guidance of the official document. I completed the API setup. But there is very little information in official documents. In order to learn how to use these functions correctly in UE4, I had to download an old version of UE4 to view the sample project (currently the latest version is 4.26, and I need to go back to version 4.21. This is almost two years ago) although my first step is only to use a plug-in, it seems that the use of ARcore Cloud Anchors is still full of challenges.

I’m not sure if it will be easier to use Unity, reading C# may also be a challenge. And if developing based on Unity, I may need to learn Bolt plug-in to help me. Unity’s Unet networking framework did not perform well in my previous projects. So I still hope that I can implement this feature in Unreal. According to the previous plan, I plan to spend 1–2 weeks trying to learn and deploy them. I hope my research can proceed smoothly.



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