Weekly progress 1/30

Jiaxing Gao
2 min readJan 30, 2021

My research this week is mainly about compiling UE4 from source code. I had to do this because last week I found out that I must use this special version of UE4 to compile Android software with AR cloud anchor. I encountered many errors when compiling this special version of ue4. This may be caused by the incompatibility between Visual studio 2019 and the old version of UE4. I searched and found that this is a common problem. But the solution did not work for me. I first fixed the garbled problem, which was caused by the VS multi-language pack. Then I successfully repaired 36 fatal errors to 9 errors (now only 3 are left). But because UE4 has many versions, the repair methods of other versions are different from mine. I am using the version with ARcore code provided by Google, so I cannot change the version at will. This is similar to the situation when I had to use UE4.23 when trying to use Leap motion.
But this is a problem that must be solved, so I will put more energy to solve this problem.

On the other hand, about design. I think Professor Maria’s suggestion is very reasonable. I am about to complete a set of diagrams to illustrate the reasons for using these technologies, the user’s position in the system, and the potential gameplay. This week’s reading was also very enlightening. I got some new inspirations for game design.

This research direction is challenging because multiplayer AR games that can really meet user needs are very rare. This may be caused by the difficulty of technical implementation and game design. I hope I can get more useful knowledge in this research.

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