Weekly progress 3/28

This week I continue to study the basic framework. After many attempts, I realized the decomposition of the basic functions and gained a better understanding of this framework. This is necessary for subsequent function development. After testing, the data of the rotating object can be saved correctly, but the interactive method needs to be adjusted because the program often mistakes the rotation of the two fingers as an operation to update the position of the object.

Analyzing the lower-level program structure
Basic Functions

Besides, I accidentally found an AR application to easily draw the structure of the room, called Magicplan. I mentioned this application because it can automatically detect the specifications of windows and doors. I am curious about this technology, because according to my original design, this step is drawn manually, and the way this App provides is what I thought Difficult to achieve. I also tried other new apps on ios, but these apps did not surprise me.

Last semester, I discussed the stability of AR on different platforms with other professors. But they believe that there is no significant difference in stability between Android and ios. But yesterday I realized one difference is that my app and many Android AR seem to stop updating when it loses its anchor point. Ios applications seem to continue to use other sensors to assist positioning to reduce the bad experience for users. This detail may require further research before a conclusion can be reached.

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