Weekly progress 4/12 New game type

This is a busy week, I put my focus on this project. I realized that I was facing technology in three areas (AR, Network, and maybe PlayMaker), so I had to use C # to do part of the work, instead of relying on plugins.

The first attempt I made this week was to try to customize the client to communicate with the server. I hope to use the client to evoke the server UI to display some game information.

So I think of a way to make C # and PlayMaker use the same global variable, which is a means of bonding two technologies. PlayMaker only supports outdated networking technologies, so only C # can be used to exchange data.

Basic method for reading PlayMaker variables

But I did not successfully transfer the network data. At that time, I referred to a few cases, but my knowledge system was very confusing. I have made various attempts and failed to successfully transfer the data.

So I decided to systematically study the LAN connection technology, not to learn everything, but to learn what I think I will definitely use. I read the official documentation, watched the programming in some basic examples on Youtube, and found some useful websites.

Eventually, I got a better understanding of this system, the key is to understand the client commands and synchronization commands. I think the basic design of NetworkManager is to facilitate the use of ordinary online games, each client uses the same data, and there are some components to facilitate online action games, shooting games. But I need to distinguish between different clients, so C # learning is very important, NetworkManager does not provide convenient components to help achieve these functions.

Therefore, in order to provide a technical basis for my design, I searched a lot of information to try to achieve different functions.

Some questions and information I searched for

In order to make my thinking clearer, I tried to write some notes. This is the most complicated project I have seen so far, I have never written notes when making a project in the past. At the same time, I brought some notes when writing the code, such as the role of this code and what code is required to connect to it. Because if I do n’t do this, my brain will soon get into chaos

Finally after 5 hours of hard work yesterday, I successfully realized the communication between the server and the client in different scenarios. A lot of packaging and testing wasted some time, but I am very happy to have made an important breakthrough.

I organized the idea of ​​this project again, and drew the ideal basic game mechanics:


This will be a less complex puzzle-solving level that requires the user to trigger a button in the AR space. This button will send half of the password to your computer, and then the user will need to pick the celluloid in the AR space (with the other half of the password written). Combine these two passwords to get the final password. I want to combine reality and virtuality with this simple design to enhance the fun and immersion of the game.