Weekly progress 4/4

I did more research on the code this week. I figured out the relationship between the various Scripts and solved a bug that bothered me for a while. I hope to complete the function of generating and upload 5 objects this week, but there is a problem with my method. I continue to study this framework, and I hope to understand what happens when an object is uploaded. So I focused on the relevant functions. I took a lot of notes to prevent myself from getting lost in the sea of code. This part may be the biggest change to the original framework, so I spent a lot of time. Once the functions of generating, uploading, and downloading are implemented, the subsequent game mechanics may be independent of this framework. Perhaps this will reduce the difficulty of development in the way that ordinary online game development is followed.

After research, although the operating rules of the entire framework are still confusing because there are many similar variables and functions that reference each other. I finally found the reason why I couldn’t generate more cloud anchors in the same scene, and basically solved this problem. This problem stems from a variable that is not cleared after the end. After that, I only need to find the correct location and store the ID, which should allow the user to search for the location of 5 objects at the same time. I like this process very much. Analyzing Microsoft’s code is like a decryption game. I am very happy to be able to solve this part of the puzzle.

Only one line of code is important, but it takes time to understand the principle
A part of my notes

The picture above is the number of tests I tested in three days.

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