Weekly progress 2/6

Jiaxing Gao
2 min readFeb 7, 2021

After last week’s efforts, the compilation problems of the UE4 engine have all been resolved. This is a milestone. But I soon encountered a new problem: the software I compiled could not run normally, and I could not see any error logs in UE4. So I started to study this problem. This may be caused by the following reasons: 1. There are still problems with the UE4 engine I compiled, which is less likely 2. There is a problem with the Android packaging environment because I need to ensure that the new and old Android packaging environments are compatible, but there is no document Clear guidance. 3. There is a problem with the project settings. So I started troubleshooting. I installed the Android Emulator to confirm that it is not a problem with my mobile device. Secondly, I started to learn to use android studio to debug. I did see some bug reports. But before I study these errors in detail. Today, I miraculously fixed these errors by modifying the parameters of the NDK. I can now run this sample project. But this application is not stable.

Debugging with Android studio

When meeting with committee members, Scott raised the question of the specific positioning function of the ARcore cloud anchor. But there are no examples that can be run, so I don’t have an accurate answer. At the same time, I also consulted some questions about Scott’s AR project. As I expected, they use a completely different framework, which seems to be easier to use than mine. But I am more familiar with the engine I use now. Thus I proposed that if I cannot resolve these errors, I will have to move to another framework and design.